Why this app? - for tenants

Large offer of housing

If you are you looking for a place to live, then the ‘Huurmijnkamer’ app is the way to find suitable housing. Whether you’re looking for a room or you want to rent a villa, all types of housing can be found in the ‘Huurmijnkamer’ app.

For short term or long term, anything is possible. ‘Huurmijnkamer’ is independent and aims to have the entire offer on the rental market together.

Direct contact

After you installed the app on your phone or tablet, you can directly search for the desired accommodation. If you see suitable housing, you can immediately send a response to the agency or landlord.

Linking with social media

If you are interested in an ad and you have send a message to the landlord or agency, you can share your interest on Facebook and Twitter.

This way you even have the chance that suitable accommodation will be offered from an unexpected source.

Recent ads

Our database is always up-to-date because ads will be removed after one month, or they need to be manually extended if the property is not rented yet. This drastically minimizes the chance that you respond to housing that is no longer available.

Always near

Since the ‘Huurmijnkamer’ app is on your phone or tablet, you keep all the relevant information always at hand.

Very reasonably priced

Downloading our app is free, a small registration fee of € 0.89 is charged, before you can respond on an ad. This registration allows you to use the search and respond features of the ‘Huurmijnkamer’ app for an entire year.